A Man About A Horse

It all began with a man and a four track. Josh Castillo had been writing songs for about two years when he signed up for a battle of the bands. The only problem: he was not a band. So, he gained the help of Seth Scott, and a friend from high school, Adam Niemi. Seth's roommate Ben McClintock filled out the drummer's seat, but only temporarily, as he moved to Boston to attend the Berkeley School of Music. Another of Josh's high school friends was asked to share his skills, Grant Sibley. Thus, A Man About A Horse was born. Focusing on the melody as the basis for the entire song, Josh began crafting songs for the band. The initial handful of songs were augmented, edited, chopped, ripped apart, and glued together by the entire band. What was left were the ten songs found on the Does Not Exist LP, released in 2008.

A Man About A Horse was Josh Castillo, Seth S. Scott, Grand Sibley, and Adam Niemi

Does Not Exist

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Does Not Exist
 Release Date: 9/29/2008
  1. Stream w/ Lyrics:
  2. Heavier Than 3 Lbs
  3. Body Trembles
  4. Speak My Tongue
  5. (W)hole In The Universe
  6. Purple Leaf
  7. Hopeless Bird
  8. Trouble Of A Species
  9. AM Washout
  10. Desert On The Sea
  11. Does Not Exist


Duck Duck Horse

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Duck Duck Horse
  Performance Date: 8/27/2009
  1. Trouble Of A Species
  2. Hopeless Bird
  3. Does Not Exist
  4. Illiterate
Recorded in Albuquerque, NM at UNM Duck Pond by Jeremy Heavner for xi34.com. Mastered by Jeremy Heavner.


Acoustic Outhouse

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Acoustic Outhouse
  Performance Date: 7/28/2009
  1. Heavier Than 3 Lbs
  2. Speak My Tongue
  3. (W)hole In The Universe
  4. Can't Wrestle A Dove
  5. Body Trembles
Recorded in Albuquerque, NM at 204 Zena Lona by
Jeremy Heavner with Chase Franckowiak for xi34.com. Mastered by Jeremy Heavner.


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