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Talented and hardworking Ghulam Hussain was born to a family of artisans and artists in Hyderabad. The wood carvings and furniture made by his father and the drawings of gypsy women of Tharparkar by his elder brother have been his early sources of inspiration and exposure to the world of visual arts and craft. He enjoyed his childhood working as a young Radio Jockey, presenting a Sindhi programme, Nindhara Musawwir (young painter), for children interested in drawing. Unfortunately, he was exposed to the world of criminals in 1998, when he was booked for a murder at the age of fourteen. He was grade 8 at a local school at that time. During the trial, he was kept at Central Jail, Hyderabad, where his elder brother started teaching him the basics of drawing during the regular visits to his jailed sibling. The young boy did not lose hope despite the adverse environment and tough times...




Ghulam Hussain








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