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Artist, devoted student, and philanthropist are but three of the many ways one can describe Maxwell Fazio. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2006 he moved to California to pursue his astrophysics degree at the University of California at Santa Cruz. However, his interest in science by no means overshadows his lifelong passion for the arts. From a young age, music has always been his greatest passion, exploring and mastering instruments from saxophone to guitar, and even the sitar. His passion for creative expression then led him to explore the visual arts, primarily painting and photography. His most recent collection of photographs came from his time spent in Tibet, where he taught English to children for two months in a remote orphanage located on the Tibetan Plateau in the region of Golok. His time there grew to be very meaningful and he is thankful to have the opportunity to share his photographs from that particular experience as well as other selections from his portfolio.


For music composed by Max and inspired by his time spent in Tibet, see:

Where Ends Meet


Maxwell Fazio

Purchase Prints of Maxwell Fazio's Photography at XI34 Goods!











Purchase Prints of Maxwell Fazio's Photography at XI34 Goods!


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