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Born in Illinois, raised in Milwaukee, incarcerated in Missouri. I've known I was adopted for as long as I can remember and lived in Milwaukee, WI from the time I was able to crawl until I jumped off the porch at age 20 and moved to St. Louis. I've seen both the streets and the better side of life, so when I speak on it in my music it isn't just something hip and trendy I came up with to rap about. I've actually experienced both worlds to be able to speak on them.
I use my music not only to vent, but also to express the things that matter to me in hopes that perhaps someone out there can relate to it. Every now and then I'll spit something purely to flex my versatility, but I only do it because I feel that I'm better at it than a lot of artists out right now.
I take all the pain, depression, frustration, bitterness, and sadness within me and use it as the fuel to push me forward in pursuing my goals of not only putting Milwaukee on the map, but desiging the blueprint of the empire I plan to build once I see freedom again.



Rashad ILL




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