There's a new sun rising up above my bed
Painting the horizon, all the shades of red
Let's take the day and make it sing
Tell everybody that you meet
To sing their songs and tap their feet
Let's fill the air with sounds we'll share
When the song is gone
You can move along
But I think for now you sing with me

I'd rope the moon and tie it to the sun
Strum that string and dance and have some fun
We'll laugh and twirl above the clouds
Let's touch the cosmos and rearrange
The stars to spell out both our names
There's nowhere you wont find our games
When the fun is done
You can turn and run
But I think for now you play with me

Tell all the birds to meet us in the trees
I'll tame the air so we can ride it's breeze
We'll do anything you please
Tell all the fishes in the deep blue sea
To swim the oceans with you and me
There's so much for us to see

There's no end my friend
Not once it begins
So I guess for now you're stuck with me

There's no way my friends
After it beings
So I guess for now it's you and me